International Platform for the Regions of the Future

06 - 09 September 2022

Bolzano - Bozen / Online

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In 2022, we will focus on environmental sustainability
with the goal of making the rural regions more resilient
and address the following topics: 

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Diversification of energy supply and transition from an insular energy system to an open energy and storage hub

Agriculture & Food

Supply and demand in the agriculture and food industry

Sustainable Mobility

Technological and social innovations to address mobility challenges of rural areas with weak demand

Resilient Rural Habitats

Rural Renaissance through civic revitalization, business diversity and place-brand strategy

#1: Creating a platform for exchange between politics, science, business, associations and civil society

#2: Making sustainable development accessible to a broad audience, especially the youth

#3: Elaboration of a Recommendation Paper to support future policy decisions within the four focus topics

Program Overview

06 Tuesday

Politicians provide the necessary framework for the discussion on the following days. The focus will lie on current policies such as EU Green Deal, PNRR and Farm2Fork. International renowned speakers underline the relevance of the overall topic against a global background.

07 Wednesday

Renowned opinion leaders will contribute various points of view and interpretations of a „sustainable development“ thus adding different perspectives to the „right mindset“.

08 Thursday

What will the future look like: The youth takes the stage and underlines the urgency of actions. Speakers model scenarios of a future world, worth living in and offering sustainable perspectives.

09 Friday

Based on the provided inputs and future scenarios, established and to be developed solutions will be discussed on stage. The work of the Advisory Board and the Expert Groups will be presented and handed-over to the policy makers.

To broaden the platform of discussion, we were looking for interested parties to contribute to the success of the event.


Ideas for contributions could be submitted until April 2022.


The selected contributors will get a pre-defined time slot on one of the stages, where they can present their solution(s) for a more sustainable development of rural regions to the broad audience of the event.

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